Welcome to the Lexykon Online
What's in the dictionary?
Over 60,000 specialised legal, technical, insurance, finance and general terms in French and English.  Developed over the last ten years by John Benson and Aspen Traduction, Paris.  Incorporates many existing databases freely available on the web, and over 7000 terms/common expressions added specifically for legal and business documents.
Users will be pleased to know the database is now hosted on a stand-alone server located in France. So outages will be minimised to nuclear attack or similar upon the French Republic.  Users can now add terms and sources to the database. We encourage you to contribute all the nasties you encounter to the database - we all benefit. All entries will be reviewed by the database administrators every few months.
Please note: you can search with partial terms e.g. 'contr' + 'syn' for 'contrat synallagmatique'
How do I gain access to the dictionary?
Access to the dictionary is by username/password.  They are saved in lower case.   Just contact me and I'll issue you a username/password.  I'm currently asking everybody to contribute around fifty dollars a year to help defray the costs and time involved in keeping the thing running.
John Benson, June 15, 2006  john@houseofglass.com.au
Thursday 23/01/2020 - 11:43 (Paris, France)