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Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators


AFTI has an extensive library of electronic and print dictionaries and reference sources.  We also maintain our own precedents library and electronic glossary of over 57000 terms in the legal, insurance, business and general fields of translation.

Our resources include:

Lexykon - Our own in-house electronic glossary compiled over the last eight years, incorporating many existing legal, financial, insurance and technical glossaries.  Over 57,000 terms.

Termium - the largest electronic French/English technical and general dictionary, created and updated by the Canadian Government Translation Service.  Over one million terms.

Le Grand Robert - equivalent of the longer Oxford Dictionary.

Encyclopaedia Britannica/Encarta

Black's Law Dictionary

Cornu, Vocabulaire juridique

Collins Robert Comprehensive French/English dictionaries

Collins Robert Financial & Management dictionary

Garner, Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage

and many other specialised glossaries...